Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sampling the goods!

There comes a time when each of our babies reaches one of those milestones in their life that can change their lives forever. When they start eating food! Some moms choose to wait and do breastmilk or formula only for longer, some moms choose to start at four months, and others wait till the generally prescribed six months. Whatever you choose feeding your baby new foods can be a fantastic experience for you both!

With Monkey I chose to go the very conventional route. I started with very runny rice cereal first then moved on to veggie purees from the store, then fruits, then mixed those with rice cereal, and added in finger foods later. This go round I decided to throw those ideas out the window and try something else! 

This is Clarissa.

As you can see she's bright and happy and ready to go! At nearly six months I decided that since I can barely keep her hands out of my food, she could sit up unassisted, and had been getting hungrier than usual that it would be a good time to start her with food. If you're wondering if your baby is ready to eat, go ahead and check out these signs of food readiness

As I mentioned before, with Clarissa I wanted to try a new way of feeding. Her first step outside of food had been her mouthing things I was eating such as a peach. But, now that she was ready for her own food I had to do some thinking. 

What has Clarissa eaten? 

  • Homemade Pureed Butternut Squash
  • Smashed Blueberries 
  • Applesauce with cinnamon 
  • Toast sticks topped with pureed peach
  • Whole slices of peach
  • Mum-mum rice husk crackers. 

I'm leaning more towards the side of letting her eat real foods than just the jarred stuff. I was a bit worried since this was a way that I hadn't traveled before. So far she's loving it! I'm reading more and more about Baby Led Weaning and may cut puree altogether. Either way I'm looking forward to this adventure with Clarissa in her eating! 

Upcoming foods?

Steamed Cauliflower is next on my radar! 

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