Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feeding Clarissa (Almost 7 months old)

When faced with the choices in how to feed our new little one I was doing a lot of research. With my first I had followed all the guidelines with purees, rice cereals to start, and all of that. I was hypervigilent. This time I was feeling more relaxed and was very interested in Baby Led Weaning. Ultimately, we ended up going with a mix of purees and finger foods. I was corrected when saying that I was doing a combo of BLW and Purees (apparently you can't do that). So I'm making purees and offering finger foods. 

Here's what she's had so far: 

  • Avocado Slices (this was her first food) 
  • Avocado Puree (she loves it on toast -- I simply tossed it in the baby bullet and used formula to thin to desired consistency) 
  • Applesauce (Unsweetened, with cinnamon. We buy the organic unsweetened, no gunk added, stuff for Monkey so I just scooped 2-3TBSP out of the big jar we have.) 
  • Toast Sticks (with pureed peach. We didn't want her getting the extra sugar from jelly or jam. So we just pureed some fresh fruit for her toast) 
  • Butternut Squash
  • Whole Slices of Peach
  • String Cheese (she mostly sucked on it, but seemed really interested when I was packing Monkey's Lunches and was the appropriate size to hold, so I let her try it)
  • Banana (Both whole and pureed) 
  • Pancake Pieces
  • Smashed Blueberries
  • Baked Potato (no skin, plain)
  • Steamed Cauliflower
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Apple Slices (She didn't get anything off it, but loved chewing it. I think it felt good on her gums)
  • Pureed Peas
  • Pureed Pumpkin w/ Cinnamon
  • Pureed Pumpkin Apple w/ Cinnamon
  • Oatmeal w/ Pureed Banana (She LOVED this. I gave her half the banana whole, and pureed the other half and mixed it with some old fashioned oats I had milled down). 
  • Oatmeal w/ Applesauce (Just mix a tablespoon or so into your plain old fashioned oats)
So that's where we are at! Clarissa will be seven months on October 6th (just 8 days away!) and we're doing great with food. So far we're keeping her primarily with fruits and veggies. 

Upcoming food?
  • Eggs (Hard boiled yolks and scrambled) 
  • Plain yogurt (eventually with fruit/veggie purees mixed in)
  • Steamed Carrots 

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